Anonymous: What are some good documentaries/movies?


Ah, going to go to town on good documentaries now - been watching a lot of them recently, although most are disturbing and/or upsetting.

  • The ones I mentioned the other day - Ukraine’s Forgotten Children (x) and Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children (x)
  • The Bridge (x)
  • Child of Rage (x)
  • Dear Zachary (x)
  • Titticut Follies (x) - can’t find the full movie on youtube, but it’s definitely online.
  • The Act of Killing (x)
  • A Place for Paedophiles (x - available on netflix)
  • Blackfish (x)
  • The Elephant in the Living Room (x) - this devastated me, I can’t stress how upsetting this is if you’re an animal lover.
  • The City Addicted to Crystal Meth (x)
  • The Dying Rooms (x)
  • Genie : Secret of the Wild Child (x)
  • Inside Broadmoor (x)
  • Living in the Sewers of Colombia (x)
  • Paradise Lost (x)
  • The House I Live In (x)
  • Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (x)
  • Chernobyl Uncensored (x)
  • Capturing the Friedmans (x)
  • Bellevue Inside Out (x)

There are more I’m intending to watch, and probably a lot more than I can’t think of - there’s no real coherence there apart from the fact that everything covered is upsetting in one way or another, but they’re all incredible documentaries. 



it’s so cute how 5 seconds of summer named themselves after their career span


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If you are looking for a good book to read. I recommend this one. 
This entire book was written by a man whose stroke plunged him into a 21 day coma. He awakened to find himself fully paralyzed except for one eye and a part of his head. He survived an entire month, enough to publish an entire book. 
How did he do this?
He dictated his book one character at a time by blinking his left eyelid while an assistant recited letters. 
200,000 blinks tells his entire story. He died 3 days after the book was published due to pneumonia. 


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Heights of all your favorite characters.
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